Clearly organic

Breakfast – sweet or hearty

Naturkost Elkershausen, our wholesaler, belongs to the pioneers and creative minds of the organic movement in food trade. His guideline for healthy and enjoyable foods is a special regional range of products and fair trade relations. Please let us know if you need to avoid certain ingredients or products./p>

Those who prefer to start off with a sweet breakfast may enjoy our genuine jams. For those who prefer a hearty start for the day, may choose our “Ahle Wurst” or the tasty, Kassels’ regional Eschenhof cheese. Certainly we also offer fresh fruits combined with a variety of cereals and dairy products.

The family Eisenach from Guntershausen (Baunatal), provides us with the delicious eggs. They have specialized in the humane and natural chicken farming – with one hundred per cent GM-free organic feeding.

Our variety of breads and rolls are from the bakery “Brotgarten” (bread garden). They rely entirely on products from organically grown raw materials. They were voted, by the magazine “Der Feinschmecker”, among the 600 best bakeries in Germany.

Coffee specialties – in addition to our traditional, organic, filter coffee, we also offer cappuccino, café crème, espresso and café au lait in organic quality. The coffee is fairly traded, organically grown and roasted with great artisan care by the Röstrausch roastery in Gudensberg, southwest of Kassel.


The minibar, across from the reception of the Biohotel Wilhelmshöher Tor, offers refreshing soft drinks and beers from the “Neumarkter Lammsbräu”, sparkling wine and red and white wine from the demeter-winery in Zwölberich and sweet and hearty snacks from “Landgarten”. For our chocolate-lovers, we offer an assortment from Vivani, one of the best brands for organic chocolate. Vivani obtains most of its resources from certified organic agriculture by small farmers’ cooperations in Central and South America.


The Biohotel Wilhelmshöher Tor offers “Floraluxe” the certified natural cosmetic line from ADA, 98% of the ingredients of Floraluxe are of natural origin and active ingredients from organic cultivation, ADA is committed to the sustainable use of environmental resources and strives to produce environmentally friendly as well as economical products. ADA rejects animal experiments in cosmetics.

Cleaning supplies

The detergents used in Biohotel Wilhelmshöher Tor are products of Ecover. The Belgian company produced the first ecological, phosphate-free detergent in 1980 and was therefore a pioneer in the production of ecological detergents and cleaners. Ecover has also built its production facilities in Belgium and France strictly according to ecological criteria. “Sustainability” is the guiding principle behind the company: “From raw material production, through production and packaging to transport … Ecover makes no compromises when it comes to sustainability.” In addition to the European eco-label, Ecover also applies its own and more stringent certification model. Our Kruppert laundry, which provides clean towels, tablecloths and workwear, also uses certified, environmentally-friendly detergents. They contain as little pollutants as possible, are readily biodegradable and are obtained without phosphate and silicate. The medium-sized company in Hünfeld-Michelsrombach (between Kassel and Fulda) completely optimized its laundry technology in 2011 in terms of energy efficiency, resource conservation and productivity.


Biohotel Wilhelmshöher Tor receives electricity, which comes from 100% organic sources. The supplier is the Hamburg company LichtBlick. It is one of the largest energy suppliers in Germany, independent of the established energy groups. LichtBlick gains its electricity from water, biomass and other renewable energy sources such as wind and sun. This is certified by the Öko-Strom quality seal “OK Power” and the TÜV Nord.