at our Biohotel Kassel – Wilhelmshöher Tor

A good morning is a special moment for people who travel a lot. This alone can make a trip a good one.

Be it business or pleasure, visiting family or friends, marvel at Kassel, a world culture heritage, or plan to explore the wonderful nature in and around Kassel, we ensure that all your travel needs are not only met, but exceeded, with the finest service quality and attention to the little details which make every journey that much more memorable. We stand-up for comfort rooms, fresh organic breakfast, friendly team and personal experience. That is our way of taking care of your good morning.

The Wilhelmshöher Tor is the first organic hotel in Kassel, certified since May 2012. As much as we are innovative to Kassels hotel industry, is our sustainable awareness for humans, animals and our environment. With our organic products, we are able to ensure for the well-being of our guests. The responsible way, in which we economies with the earths resources and the best care and treatment of our animals, provide an estimable atmosphere, to feel comfortable and be able to enjoy. The Wilhelmshöher Tor Hotel offers therefore their breakfast buffet, beverages and snacks in 100% organic quality.

Our Biohotel plainly uses audited natural cosmetics, completely degradable detergent, eco-quality paper and electricity exclusively from renewable sources. Owner of a electric car can use the hotel`s own charging station. Our daily goal is to avoid detergent and to separate the unavoidable. It is most important for us to dispose of as less food as possible and if you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

100% organic – is the most important part of our “Good morning”, which we assure you, as our guests, with great pleasure.

We warmly welcome you!

The Biohotel Wilhelmshöher Tor belongs to the Naehler Hotel Group.
All of the hotels are situated in close proximity and can be booked directly.

Own charging station for electric cars  +  free parking